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Gary Blaustein

Attorney Gary Blaustein is an experienced Trial Lawyer, with offices in Basking Ridge, NJ, who devotes his practice exclusively to representing clients in divorce and related family law proceedings. Mr. Blaustein serves clients across the state of New Jersey.

New Jersey Divorce Lawyer Gary Blaustein

Gary Blaustein is an experienced family lawyer who represents clients facing separation or divorce proceedings. Everybody hurts in a divorce, so he provides his clients with caring, compassionate counsel during a most difficult time in their lives. As an experienced divorce lawyer, he has learned that every client and situation is unique. That is why he is committed to listening to each client, and then providing the personalized legal advice, attention to detail, and service they deserve.

Our Practice

Our small firm represents clients in a wide variety of divorce and separation proceedings, including mediation and litigation. Gary Blaustein is a skilled negotiator and litigator with nearly 40 years of experience who will fight for your rights both inside and outside the courtroom.

Often the terms of a divorce or separation can be agreed upon without the intervention of the court. As an experienced mediator, Gary Blaustein has helped countless clients achieve a fair resolution of their case through skillful negotiation. Mediation is often an expedient, cost-effective method for achieving our clients' goals.

Our Approach

As a small firm, we are able to provide clients with one-on-one attention and legal advice. We work closely with our clients to form personal relationships, learning every detail about your case and exploring your goals. Our experienced attorney will work with you to identify the best ways to achieve your goals. He will evaluate the specifics of your case and will provide you the personalized legal advice you need to protect your rights.

Attorney Gary Blaustein understands that divorce or separation can be very difficult for his clients. That is why it is always his goal to provide the professional, caring support a client needs to move forward. At our firm, we provide the high-quality, personalized legal advice you need to efficiently and effectively resolve your case.

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If you are considering a separation or divorce, an experienced attorney can provide the legal advice you need to protect your assets and your rights. Basking Ridge attorney Gary Blaustein has the necessary knowledge and skill to thoroughly answer your questions and successfully guide you through the process of resolving your case. Contact our New Jersey office today to schedule a consultation with experienced family lawyer Gary Blaustein.

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  • Great Attorney and Mediator

    I hired Gary Blaustein to represent me in the enforcement of the Child Support Order. Gary and his paralegal Debra were very informative, friendly and always available to answer my questions. Gary offers great advice and assists in the most effective resolution of the case. His fees are reasonabl...
  • Great Lawyer – Highly Trustworthy and Fair

    If you are gong through a divorce or thinking about one you should speak with Gary. Going through a divorce is one of the most challenging and stressful events that anyone will ever have to go through. Gary helped navigate me through the process. He is knowledgeable, fair, compassionate and suppo...
  • New to this divorce thing

    Gary was recommended to me when my wife and I decided to separate, and has been essential in guiding me through the process. He is able to clearly explain the fine points of the law in a way that is easy to understand, and gives invaluable advice. Gary answers any questions that are posed to him ...
  • Quality Attorney

    Gary was very helpful, diligent and understanding. In addition to providing excellent representation he went out of his way to make sure that I understood and was comfortable with each step of the process.
  • Successful Divorce Outcome

    Gary always listened to my desired strategy and kept me within the bounds of legal realities. It was very appropriate when he gave input to what I had thought were trivial issues to beware of the minefield I was waltzing through as well. Money was never an obstacle to getting things done properly...
  • A reliable advocate to have on your side!

    Unlike most attorneys, Gary is not “instantly on the offense.” He truly works to come to resolution that is in the best interest of his client or, in my case (custody issue), the best interest of the children. Gary tries to remove the emotion from both sides. There were times when I wondered if I...
  • Realistic possibilities of my future

    Gary Blaustein is an excellent attorney. After thoroughly researching for a fair lawyer that would represent me in my difficult divorce I was lucky enough to find Gary. I chose him because he was the only lawyer after three other attorneys that I consulted with that explained the realistic possib...

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