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Gary Blaustein March 30, 2022

Successful Settlement - Alimony Ends Plus Ex Spouse Reimburses for Cohabitation

I just concluded a successful settlement for my client who was seeking to terminate his obligation to pay his ex-spouse alimony pursuant to the NJ law on Cohabitation.  Not only did alimony end, but ex-spouse reimbursed client $75,000.00 for alimony she wrongfully accepted during the period of cohabitation. We were able to prove that she was in a long-term marriage-like relationship with her significant other.

A great investigator, combined with a well-thought-out legal strategy and tactics yielded a great result and a mighty happy client.


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Family law matters are often some of the most challenging and emotionally stressful issues people face in their lives. From divorce and child custody disputes to alimony, paternity matters, and prenuptial agreements

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Divorce is one of the most difficult life events you will ever face. Because these cases involve so many emotions, they are often traumatic for everyone involved. Here at Blaustein Law, we understand just how tough these situations can be, so we do our best to provide each of our clients with thorough, compassionate, and affordable divorce services.

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