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Divorce is one of the most difficult life events you will ever face. Because these cases involve so many emotions, they are often traumatic for everyone involved. Here at Blaustein Law, we understand just how tough these situations can be, so we do our best to provide each of our clients with thorough, compassionate and...


When you have a disagreement with another party, a mediation lawyer can come in and help with the communication process. In areas such as alimony, child support, property distribution, parenting disputes, business disputes, divorce and child custody issues, having a third party who can serve as a mediator between both parties can help improve communication,...


In the state of New Jersey, separation is different from divorce. Because this issue can be confusing for couples, it's best to consult a qualified New Jersey Separation Lawyer if you are interested in separating from your spouse. About Separation in New Jersey New Jersey courts do not grant or recognize legal separations. In order...

Parental Alienation

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