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Mediation Coaching Attorney in Somerset County, New Jersey

When you have a disagreement with another party, a mediation lawyer can come in and help with the communication process. In areas such as alimony, child support, property distribution, parenting disputes, business disputes, divorce, and child custody issues, having a third party who can serve as a mediator between both parties can help improve communication, limit the chances of the case going to court and improve the chances of a successful outcome. Attorney Gary Blaustein, your New Jersey mediation lawyer, has handled numerous mediation cases, helping his clients avoid the courts and achieve a successful resolution of their cases.

Understanding the Role of a New Jersey Mediation Lawyer

When two parties are in conflict, a mediation attorney serves as a neutral third party who helps manage the discussion. This is an informal process but allows both parties to have their say and listen to the needs and concerns of the other. This works best for parties who wish to maintain respect and work together to resolve differences outside of court.

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Mediation requires an attorney, but the attorney does not make decisions in the mediation. When you hire a Basking Ridge attorney for your mediation, the attorney will lead the discussion and ensure that both parties get a chance to explain their positions. The mediator is not for one party or the other, but rather is helping the parties find a solution that works for both. Attorney Gary Blaustein can serve as that neutral voice, helping you arrive at a solution in a peaceful, non-confrontational manner.

Keep in mind that a mediator cannot offer legal advice or represent one of the parties should the mediation fail. If you choose Attorney Gary Blaustein for your mediation, you will not be able to use him in another aspect of the case. He must remain neutral.

Attorney Gary Blaustein Is a Skilled Mediator Providing Unique Insight

Gary Blaustein has extensive experience in mediation. He approaches each case as a unique case, understanding that people in the case bring their wants and needs that must be considered. In the end, he will help you successfully come to an agreement that works for both of you.

Conflict, whether in a family law case or a business dispute, does not necessarily mean you have to go to court. With the help of a New Jersey mediation lawyer like Attorney Gary Blaustein, you can avoid courts while still working out the details of your disagreement in a peaceful, respectful manner. Contact our Basking Ridge attorney today.